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  • 43 år gammal, Minst tio års erfarenhet

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Hej. My name is Ionelia and I would love to work with you.

I've been a teacher for 16 years, but I have a great experience taking care of dogs, i have had dogs all my life.My father was a veterinary doctor, so...it comes with the teritory :)
My latest dog was an Irish Setter, Teddy. Unfortunately, he died last year, he was 15 years old, just before i moved to Linkoping. He broke my heart. I would like to help.

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Professionell erfarenhet: Minst tio års erfarenhet

  • Från och med 01-2017 Fram tills 11-2018

    Läkare, Hudiksvalls Sjukhus, Linköping, Sverige

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In my home country, I have been teaching English and French language and literature, in the same school, for 16 years. Because a woman's life starts at 40, as they say, I moved to Linköping, Sweden in August 2017 to study at LiU. I am currently finishing my Master's in 'Child Studies'. Starting over from scratch, at 40, in a foreign country, leaving behind a career, a family and friends, was not easy, it is still quite a challenge, but I fell in love with Sweden and I am determined to be part of this community. Working with children for so many years made me a better person; I consider myself to be still very young, I am full of energy, creative, organized, tactful, responsible, confident, although I am open to learning new things every day, I adjust very easily. People who know me say that I am a great cook and that I have a great sense of humor. In my free time, I love cooking, especially healthy food, gardening ( I even have an allotment at Paradiset , where I grow eco veggies), dogs, nature, jogging and any other outdoor activity.


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