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    Minst tio års erfarenhet
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Lots of love and playing around with your furry friend

Hi, my name is André, I'm a brazilian painter who just moved to Sweden.
I'm 27 and I have had dogs in my house throughout my whole life. I also had some experiences pet sitting other peoples dogs.
Being a painter, I have very flexible working hours, and I stay home a lot, so I would really love the company.
In addition I can say I will take care of your little companion with lots of love, and am looking forward to making lots of little friends.
I can accomodate dogs in my house for your travels, however, only the small tipes. I can pet sit any size, though.
If you're interested just contact me.

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I'm an architect, urban designer and landscape designer by formation. However, a year ago I fell in love with painting, and I'm in a career decision time. My leisure activities involve taking long walks in the city with my wife (also dog addicted), paintings, reading and going to parks.


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